Cathleen Hylton 

Intuitive Reader and Teacher

​​Spiritual Healing and Wellness

About Cathleen Hylton

My addiction to drugs and alcohol began at the age of 12.  Looking back, I see that I leaned on these crutches because I was very sensitive to energy and needed a way to stop feeling everything.

 At 19, I moved from Philadelphia to California as I’d always wanted to live there. I could not hold a job or take care of myself. I lived in poverty for a long time. I wasn’t able to attract healthy relationships so I ended up in very unhealthy and abusive romantic situations. I didn't believe much in God or a Higher Power as the church I grew up in was confusing to me. In retrospect, that was a big part of the problem for me. 

At 22 I knew I needed help or the self-destructive  path I was living would get the best of me

This desire for a change led me to intuitive readings and healing and eventually teaching. These skills became what I needed to turn things around.

Fast forward to now, I’m a confident strong woman, very in touch with my divinity. I have a healthy and loving marriage, I have great friends, and make a lucrative financial living. The classes I teach and the readings I I offer are what helped me to heal beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve also been sober for 30 years!!


"I met Cathleen a few years ago. She has a healing touch with clearing out your aura and chakras. Her healing helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She taught me useful tools in meditation and holistic healing which I use daily. I highly recommend working with Cathleen" - Lizbeth

"Working with Cathleen was a wonderful privilege. Throughout all my interactions with Cathleen, I felt surrounded by love. In the session, Cathleen guided me into the spaces that were ready to be healed and released. Witnessing her intuitive knowing was not only personally validating, but also incredibly cathartic. Her grounded presence secured an atmosphere of safety and acceptance." - MB

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